Proof nerds are awesome

So this is a player piano (and robotic percussion) which plays the music and sound effects produced by a nintendo in real time as the user plays the game.

...kind of brilliant ;-)

The face my sister makes when...

...when you jokingly tell her that her homemade spaghetti sauce tastes "almost as good as ragu from a can"

Song of the Moment: "On'n'on" by Justice

Fair warning: the video’s moderately NSFW. It’s alright if you like vivid war movies, but probably not OK if you go to sunday school.

The rules of my diet experiment.

The rules of my experiment have been:
  • Calories In should be 70% of my BSMR. Rough goal of 1.5lb/ week of weight loss
  • track what I eat to the best of my ability in a nutrition tracker (MyFitnessPal). Be honest and enter everything
  • prefer calories from wholesome/green sources over those from processed foods
  • no fried foods. No foods labeled "diet". Mad bonus points for foods with really simple ingredients lists.
  • no soft drinks. Go heavy on the water.
  • nutrition oriented meal replacement shake is OK but real food is preferred.
  • weigh myself at roughly the same time every day, preferably at the same point in relation to meals and bowel movements
  • no feeling like crap if you miss a day. Not a failure.
So far so good. Only wavered a day or two so far and the experiment has been going for 5 weeks-ish.

Aaw yeah. Almost a full week of staying under my calorie count goal.

Been calorie counting for the past couple of weeks. I set a goal of keeping my total daily consumed calories under 1600 and I'm about to pass 7 consecutive days of hitting that goal.
Down about 7.8lbs so far as well...which is a little under my weekly goal of 2lbs. Pretty happy with that, actually. That's 7.8lbs across 4-ish weeks, which is right on the money as far as good healthy progress goes.
I picked 1600 calories as the goal because of the inaccuracies innate in measuring the portions of what I'm eating....that and I'm sure MyFitnessPal doesn't have perfect data for each of the things I'm logging as well. Any fewer calories and I'd be starving myself. Any more and I'd not really be losing weight.

I did not know that Houston had such a cool City Hall

I'm down town for my Global Entry Trusted Traveler interview and their office is in the Houston City Hall. I had to walk through the gift shop to get there... and what a cool gift shop!